Cultural Dance

Palm Harbor Creative Arts Center Dance Class Megan Frangos
Dance has been a universal language since before there were languages.  It is the language of rhythm that we all love and respond to.  We naturally find ourselves moving and swaying when we hear those beats.  The beautiful movements and vibrant flow of energy created in dance are another form of creative expression and joyful experiences.  

We are delighted to offer Cultural Dance and Hip Hop Dance among our roster of classes.  Dance classes at PHCAC will be instructed by the lovely and talented  Megan Frangos.  Read her full bio here.

Megan will teach the art of Hip Hop as well as Cultural Dance - which will vary each month from Belly dancing to Bollywood to Tahitian/Hawaiian dance, and Latin dance. Whatever your preferred style,  you're sure to get your groove on here!
Palm Harbor Creative Arts Center Cultural Dance

Dance Classes | $12
(15 years and older)

CULTURAL DANCE - Every six weeks, we'll change the theme of our Cultural Dance classes. Belly Dancing is our theme for January. Watch for Latin Dance classes to begin mid-February.

Belly Dance
Wednesdays - 5:35 PM
Sundays - 1:00 PM

Hip Hop Dance
Wednesdays  - 6:45 PM
Palm Harbor Creative Arts Center Belly Dancing
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